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Selections from The Studio Potter Collection

“Selections from The Studio Potter Collection” is an exhibit and sale of the best ceramic artists and potters working today.  The John Molloy Gallery is hosting the show as a benefit for The Studio Potter,a professional journal for ceramists, educators, historians, and collectors, which focuses on critical issues of aesthetics, technology, history, and personal development.  The John Molloy Gallery showcases wonderful examples of contemporary ceramic artists such as Mary Barringer, Jeff Shapiro, John Glick, John Gill, Don Reitz, Donna Polseno, Rick Hensley and Lisa Orr among others. 

This is the first showing of this range and quality of material in a New York gallery setting.

Mary Barringer
Karl Borgeson
Aurore Chabot
Tom Coleman
Josh Copus
Phillip Cornelius
David Ernster
Nancy Gardner
John Gill
John Parker Glick
Dick Hay
Rick Hensley
Linda Hillman
Jon Keenan
Nermin Kura
Jim Leedy
Kirk Mangus
James Makins
Maureen Mills
Sana Musasama
Richard Notkin
Jeff Oestriech
Lisa Orr
Donna Polseno
Angelica Pozo
Don Reitz
Jeff Shapiro
Jihn Stephenson
Nick Sevigney
Jenny Swanson
Neil Tetkowski
Gerry Williams
Robert Winokur
Malcolm Wright
Mikhail Zakin

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